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About Us
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Global Consulting Excellence

As a global leader in consulting, Levon Consulting Pvt Ltd excels in providing top-tier ISO and software solutions. We guide businesses in achieving industry compliance and implementing advanced technology to drive growth and efficiency. Let us elevate your operations with our expertise.


ISO Compliance

Achieve industry standards and streamline your processes with ease.

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Technology Solutions

Implement innovative solutions to drive efficiency and growth.

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Get Consulting For Better Business Growth

Receive expert consulting to enhance your business performance and drive sustainable growth. Our tailored strategies help you navigate industry challenges and unlock new opportunities. Let us be your partner for success.

Expert Guidance

Leverage our in-depth knowledge to stay ahead in your industry.

Proven Success

Benefit from our track record of delivering results and driving growth.



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Meet Our Team

Setting Direction, Fueling Success, and Guiding with Clarity


K Narayana Swamy

Founder & Director

Gurram Shiva Kumar

Technology Head

Sahana Gowda

Co-Founder & Director

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Your Partner for ISO and Software Excellence

Levon Consulting Pvt Ltd offers unparalleled expertise in both ISO and software consulting. With a comprehensive approach and a commitment to excellence, we guide your business toward success and growth.

  • Expertise in ISO Standards
  • Innovative Software Solutions
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • End-to-End Support
  • Timely Delivery
  • Dedicated Customer Service